As it’s name, basics-q is a series that is greatly impressed by its idea “back to basics”. All goods from this series are most emphasis on the quality. There fore, quality of the leathergoods from this series is qualified as high quality. High selectiveness to choose the material for the goods is one of the important process when goods are crafted.
The satisfaction of consuments is the goal of this series and this fullfill through its quality.

Colors are the smiles of nature. Colors like afeatures, follow the changes of the emotions. This idea inspires the creation of this series. Through the combination of colors along with the selections of design that represented the beauty and uniqeness of Japanese and Indonesia culture, this series is expected to be a new concept that emphasize one the creativity of the designer to explore the beauty of colors and art. In result, consuments can feel some thing fresh and unique through leather goods from this series.