Leather has played an important role in the development of civilisation. From prehistoric times until modern era, man has used the skins of animals to satisfy his basic needs. He has used hides to make clothing, shelter, carpets and even decorative attire. This history is the prove that humanity cannot be separated from leather.
Genuine leather itself is a very durable material comparing other materials (such as: canvas, fabric, vinyl, etc). It tends to last significantly longer, around 10-15 years if maintained well. However, the price of genuine  leather is always higher because of the high price of raw material.
The process of making a leather product is not simple. There are many processes that is divided into four sub-processes: preparatory stages, tanning, crusting, and surface coating. The preparatory stages are when the hide/skin is prepared for tanning. Tanning is the process that converts the protein of the raw hide or skin into a stable material which will not putrefy and is suitable for a wide variety of end applications. Crusting is when the hide/skin is thinned, retanned and lubricated. Surface coating is the last process to make the leather goods which is also called as finishing.

    The famous surface coating or finishing leather process is burnishing. It is the process of smoothing (slicking), dying and polishing the edge of your leather to produce a fine, glossy edge, generally in a contrasting or complimentary color than the main body. Burnishing can be a pretty time consuming technique, but the way it finishes a project is well worth it. Therefore, burnishing leather edges is a great way to make a leather project look AMAZING.

    This AMAZING idea is what we achieve by making our new products “INGRID BAG, TANYA,  NATE, LABIBA CLUTCH and AMADEO BAG”. We source premium raw materials for this new item we make. Our commitment to the best quality and most durable products, and we strive to create items that live up to both our high standards and your high expectations. We put everything to the test ourselves long before it is released to the public. We take careful note of how this products look after 6 and 12 months of heavy use. This allows us to personally ensure each item’s ability to age beautifully and gain character over time. Our craftspeople do great work – our products is strong, beautiful, and durable.

    Making things is a true labor of the heart. We love the ability to take ideas from inspiration to the design. And of course, when they are done, we put our items to the ultimate test: we use them ourselves. Process is the soul of our work. If that sounds lofty, we do not mean it to. Our small team of designers and craftspeople produces each MARIESCRAFT piece by hand, utilizing the same style of tools that have been used to create heritage leather goods for decades. We blend classic techniques with modern mechanics and a little of our own home grown machine ingenuity to achieve the best possible treatment within each step of production.
Below is a picture of the process of leather with burnish finishing and some of our collections that make use burnished finishing.

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Crafina 2019



The biggest exhibition event is back.

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Marie's Craft on Qlapa Market AEON Mall 7 - 15 August 2018

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Marie's Craft store dengan brand jojo dan basics -q kini hadir lagi :)
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POP UP MARKET at Kuningan City Mall 3rd floor Gourment


Meet us again folks Marie's Craft on POP UP MARKET at Kuningan City Mall 3rd floor Gourment.

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Self Made Leather Card Case

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Leather with Burnished Finishing

Leather has played an important role in the development of civilisation. From prehistoric times until [ ... ]

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Bali fashion, craft, and Tourism Expo

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For you folks who live beyond  in Bali, it’s good news from Marie's Craft

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