1. Dry it well: Do not put the bag away as soon as you return. Keep it under the ceiling fan for a few hours to air it out.
  2. No Heat: Extreme temperatures can adversely affect leather pieces. Never leave your bag to dry near a heater or in direct sunlight.
  3. Polish it: Never compromise with the quality of the leather polish. It not only protects the bag from moisture but also restores the balance of natural oils in the leath ..
  4. Store it right: Before storing the bag for next use, stuff it with newspaper to retain its shape and prevent it from folding or creasing. Never hang your bag since this can wear it out. Keep the bag in a cloth and keep it in a box. This way you will protect the bag from dust and moisture, especially in a humid environment.
  5. Let it breathe: The longer you leave your leather pieces untreated, the harder it will be to clean them. Take out your leathe ..
14 Oct 2019 15:33 - Marries Craft
Crafina 2019



The biggest exhibition event is back.

Yes, Crafina 2019 which presents a variety of the [ ... ]

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10 Aug 2018 14:15 - Marries Craft
Marie's Craft on Qlapa Market AEON Mall 7 - 15 August 2018

Hallo Semua....

Marie's Craft store dengan brand jojo dan basics -q kini hadir lagi :)
Buat kamu yang tinggal [ ... ]

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08 Mar 2018 13:26 - Marries Craft
POP UP MARKET at Kuningan City Mall 3rd floor Gourment


Meet us again folks Marie's Craft on POP UP MARKET at Kuningan City Mall 3rd floor Gourment.

See [ ... ]

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11 Dec 2017 14:58 - Marries Craft
Self Made Leather Card Case

Hai hai

Salam krafting dari Marie’s Craft Buat kamu – kamu yang ada di seputaran kota Yogyakarta [ ... ]

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30 Nov 2017 13:21 - Marries Craft
Leather with Burnished Finishing

Leather has played an important role in the development of civilisation. From prehistoric times until [ ... ]

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28 Nov 2017 10:39 - Marries Craft
Bali fashion, craft, and Tourism Expo

Hi Bali


For you folks who live beyond  in Bali, it’s good news from Marie's Craft

Our team [ ... ]

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