04 Mar 2021

Now, Marie’s Craft Available at Galeri Pasar Kotagede Yogyakarta International Airport

To support UMKM in Indonesia, the government of Yogyakarta provides a show room located in Yogyakarta Gallery Pasar Kotagede International Airport.

Gallery Pasar Kotagede consists of a variety products from UMKM Yogyakarta as well as areas around central Java that have been straight curated. Various souvenirs - by typical Jogja consisting of food, fashion, and also craft are all available at there with affordable prices.

Marie's Craft also participated in filling slots at YIA at Galeri Pasar Kotagede.

Don't forget to visit Gallery PasarKotagede YIA and discover the collection of Marie's Craft. While you are waiting for the plane can also take pictures because every corner in the Galeri Pasar Kotagede YIA and also the surroundings of many interesting and aesthetic spots to take pictures.

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