Story of Maries Craft

Mariescraft a leather goods shopping center that serves consumers in the purchase of original leather products produced by CV Yogya Karya Andini which is our tanning and leather crafts factory. Specifically we can present the scope of our current specialties, namely:

Multibrands is the Mariescraft’s uniqueness. Mariescraft is consist of several brands and each of them has its own strong points. Customers can sort easier basically from the advantages of brand and they can choose what they want through the specific brand. Furthermore, as Mariescraft is multibrands, Mariescraft provide wide products for every aspects in our life and it is really handy for customers.

Adaptation is our special attribute. Adaptation to changes with environment to deliver better products or services is our regular process to satisfy our custumers. Mariescraft always connect with customers to generate ideas for improving processes, products and services both internally and externally.

Reliability is very important for our Mariescraft. Mariescraft wants to provide what is customers’ needed so we can protect the trust of our customers. Therefore, we are always selective and careful to choose only the best materials for our products.

Innovation is the hallmark of  Mariescraft. Innovation generally refers to changing or creating more effective processes and products. Mariescraft always provide new products that follow the development of times and market so customers can feel fresh and comfortable with our products.

Exploration is our dream. Mariescraft wants to explore anything in our life, such as, art and culture and show it in our products. The Indonesian and Japanese cultures are our first exploration but in future, Mariescraft do not stop the possibility to explore another countries for improving the variety of our product.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team consists of  craftmen who have experienced in their respective fields for more than 20 years pursuing leather crafts with various techniques that we always try to be able to produce best product quality as well as modern design and now our products can be received by the international market.

Located in Yogyakarta we already have our own production place as well as tannery so we can explore more for leather handicraft products.

As the flagship product that we produce one of them is still a lot of technical work done manually so that the taste of hand made is still very attached to the product.

Our Product

Our Product

The main material Marie's Craft product is cowhide and goatleather derived from local products using premium quality and tanning by our own factory. There are also any leather come from abroad such as USA and Japan of course with the best quality.

Accessorist support also imports from Japan. In addition to our own production making collaboration with brass craftsmen in Yogyakarta who have more experienced in their field.